Best Way to Build Muscle

Best Way to Build Muscle

Building muscle can be a tough and daunting task for anyone, but this is even truer when you are a beginner. Beginners are not always fully aware of all the requirements for building quality muscles and they tend to have a lot of added water weight.
Bodybuilders have mastered the art of building quality muscles and advanced gym enthusiasts are also in the process of learning new methods. We have set out to look at some of the methods that you can use to build muscle and how effective these methods are.
We have also come up with our own solution to help you gain muscle at an effective rate and ensure that muscles are quality. This means that you will not lose them as fast when you stop training for a while or get injured.

How do muscles work and how can you improve your muscle gaining speed

Genetics play a huge part in the rate at which an individual builds muscle, but this should not be your main focus when working out or trying to build muscles as it can be overcome. The body does not start off by stacking our muscles with protein and allowing them to grow.
The body eases into the muscle. This also means that the weaker you are the less weight you will be able to lift at first and the less resistance you will have in the gym.
Our body has developed muscles over years of adapting to our environments and our most common movements. Some people might say that they do not have a particular muscle, but the fact of the matter is that we have all the muscles needed to perform any activity.
When we pick up items, our muscles contract and this allows us to pick up objects and carry them. The longer the muscles are contracted, the more they will become fatigued and you will eventually have to let go of the specific object.
Some of you might be pros in the gym, but everyone will remember that first day and the weak feeling of lifting that first weight and becoming fatigued in an instance. This is how the body is supposed to act and your resilience and durability will improve with the weight you are lifting.

Improving the rate at which your body can gain muscle

You might think that your body cannot grow muscle any faster than the current way it is at the moment, but that is definitely not true and with the right help and advice, your body will improve the rate at which it gains muscle. There are however a few things that you will need to change in order for this to happen.

  • Diet: People love to preach the story of the diet to trainers and how important the right diet is. But this is not just preaching and it is actually true. With the right diet, you will be able to achieve so much more in the gym. We will see later on just how specifically the diet can affect all of the muscles as well as the rate at which muscles are built.
  • Exercise: While there might not be something called a bad exercise and most exercise routines come down to the individual’s personal preferences, there are a few exercises which have been proven to be more effective at improving the rate at which the body gains muscles. By performing some of the exercises we mention a little later on, you will see just how much more they will help you gain muscles.
  • Routine: Beginners are especially prone to having the wrong training routines and this can really have a huge effect on your muscles gaining rate. Fortunately, Muscular Strength has been widely regarded as one of the top places where you can learn to adapt and change your routine to ensure that you are following the best possible routine.
  • Rest: One of the most common mistakes made by people who are highly motivated is the fact that they tend to over train their muscles. Over training your muscles will have almost the exact same effects on the body as under training the muscles and therefore, it is fundamentally important to ensure that your body gets all the rest it deserves and that you are able to improve and gain muscle more rapidly.

These four aspects are some of the most important when it comes to building muscle and they will make or break the rate at which you are building muscles. When you fully understand how these aspects affect you and you are able to sway them in your favor, you will notice just how much faster you will be gaining muscle.
We have purposefully not included supplements on this list to help ensure that muscles can naturally grow. Supplements will give you a great boost and having a great protein shake will certainly help you to improve the overall rate at which your body gains muscle.
Supplements are also fairly expensive and many beginners like to get into the swing of things before they spend a lot of money on expensive supplements. Luckily Muscular Strength will allow you to monitor your progress for free.
With that being said, let’s look at how the diet and the workouts you perform affect your muscle building rate and also which exercises you might look to include and improve the rate at which you are building muscles.

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The diet’s effect on building muscle

The body is comprised of three main resources that it needs to survive and keep you healthy. These are called macros and they comprise all the smaller nutritional elements into three groups. These groups are carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and your body needs all three of these to work optimally and also grow optimally.

  • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates or “carbs” are the energy or fuel source of the body and they really keep the body operating at an optimal level during the day. Carbohydrates also play a vital role in allowing the body to gain muscle. Since carbs are the building blocks for the muscle; they work with proteins to help increase the energy levels while training and they also replenish the body with lost energy to keep you going for longer.

Carbohydrates also stand in the way of the metabolic rate. The metabolic rate needs fuel for energy and keeping us alive and when you do not have enough carbohydrates, the metabolic rate will start breaking down muscle for energy purposes and this could be really hard for you to get back.
We recommend that you ensure that the body is optimally loaded with carbs, especially when working out on longer and more demanding routines.

  • Protein: Protein is regarded as the building blocks of the body and protein is also responsible for your muscles growing much faster. Unlike carbohydrates, proteins are not compromised of sugar or any real fuel efficient materials that will give you energy. Protein is also much faster to digest and you might have noticed that you are hungry quite often on a high protein and low carb diet.

When you are busy training, your body breaks down and injures the muscles. This is commonly referred to as smaller microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. Lactic acid usually fills those tears and this will result in you being stiff or even unable to move certain muscles the next day.
Protein also fills these gaps to help the muscle fibers heal and when they grow back, they come back stronger and ready to take on that same load again. With every training session, this continues to happen and therefore, you will be growing bigger and stronger as long as you keep taking in enough protein.

  • Fats: Fats are not as essential to muscles growing as they are to keeping the body functioning. There are healthy and unhealthy fats for the body and all animal fats are considered to be unhealthy. The healthy fats are found in soy products and also nuts, but fish is the exception when it comes to animal fats and the specific omega fatty acids are needed for promoting optimal brain function. They also add that little energy boost.

Diet is really important in helping you grow muscle much faster and by adding to your diet and taking away some of the unhealthy foods, you will be improving the muscle’s quality as well as the rate at which they are built in no time.
We do understand that it can be tough to change to the correct diet when you do not fully understand the value of foods and how they impact the body and therefore; at Muscular Strength they have designed ways of helping people get into the swing of things much more rapidly.
But, the diet is not the only way in which you can improve the rate at which your body gains muscles faster. There are a few exercises that will help you gain muscle much faster in all areas of the body and the quality of the muscles will also be better.

Best exercises for gaining quality muscle at a faster rate

The exercises we have chosen have been specifically chosen for the fact that they work more than one muscle group at a time and therefore, the chances of growth are significantly increased.
These exercises may seem common but they are highly recommended to the intermediate trainer who is off the machines and has progressed to free weights:

  • Dumbbell bench press: Unlike the normal bench press bar, dumbbells require the individual to use shoulder muscles to help stabilize the weights. This will put a lot of strain on those muscles and when you take into account that the entire arm will be used for completing the movement, you will be maximizing the blood flow and this will help you gain muscle much more rapidly.
  • Dumbbell rows: Dumbbell rows are quite similar to the normal barbell row, but since they use one heavy free weight, your shoulder and arms will come into play to stabilize the weight. This exercise also forces you to use the entire arm in a pulling motion and thus also increases the blood flow to more muscles.
  • Squats: This does not necessarily need to be free standing squats but they are preferred. Free standing squats will allow you to use almost every muscle in the lower body as well as most of your back and your hips for stabilization. This means that more of the larger muscle groups will receive and help to pump the blood, meaning that your muscles will be growing much more rapidly.
  • Deadlift: The deadlift is another exercise recommended for beginners to start out with and it also forces you to use most of your body to complete the movement. A deadlift will put strain on most of your back as well as your legs and this will improve the blood flow and allow you get a better “pump” and also help you to gain muscle more rapidly.

These four exercises are not the most entertaining or flashiest, to begin with, but they do bring you back to the basics and will allow you to use more of the muscles in the body.
It is generally recommended that you perform at least one of these exercises or any of their alternative methods in each of your training sessions and this should also be done in the beginning to help increase the overall blood flow.
If you are not fully equipped with all the knowledge about the right exercises and how the exercises can help you gain muscle faster; at Muscular Strength a ton of research has been done in all exercises and will be able to help you. Science has definitely advanced and helped many people improve their muscle gaining speed and capabilities.

Now it is your turn to share your best muscle gaining exercises and tips with us

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have a better understanding of how to gain muscle.
Muscular Strength has been established to help people in all shapes and sizes to get into shape and we also have some high quality workout programs and routines for you to get into the swing of things and have an improved workout session.
We would like to encourage you to let us know of any other tips that you think we might have missed and even to share a few of those secrets that you have been using; you might just see someone help you improve that method and become much better in the gym.

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